Are You The 2020 BMW 7 Series?


Front-end exposed, a certain concept's influence is evident.

Sometime in the relatively near future, . While we wait, Instagram user , via , has posted what is apparently a leaked front-end image of the new flagship large sedan. And the styling looks awfully familiar. Does the Vision Future Luxury Concept, first shown back in 2014, ring a bell?

Well, it should because it looks like BMW designers took some of that concept’s design cues and slapped them on the refreshed 7 Series. The concept’s slimmer headlights continue to integrate with the kidney grille, which has grown in size (definitely some X7 influence here) with lots of chrome surrounding it.

The lower front fascia has also been restyled with a more dynamic and luxurious look overall. There are even chrome inserts just like in the concept. For now we only have this front-end image but expect the updated 7 Series’ rear end to receive a restyle as well, such as new taillights inspired by those on the . Expect for there to be an LED light bar, similar to the one found on the Audi A8, spanning the length of the rear end.

The cabin is also slated for a number of updates, among them BMW’s new digital instrument panel, the latest version of iDrive, and various other technology and luxury upgrades.

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Mechanically, we don’t expect many changes, if any, and the current engine offerings will likely carry over. Given that BMW, like its Audi and Mercedes-Benz competitors, will not be at Detroit this year, the next major international auto show will be Geneva in March, so chances are that’ll be when the refreshed 7 Series will make its debut appearance.