Apollo To Unveil New IE Hypercar Next Week


Could it be an 800 hp Mercedes-AMG Project One killer?

Last summer we learned that with a supposed 800 hp in the very near future. That’ll officially happen next week, on October 24. The Apollo Intensa Emozione, or IE, has now been teased in a new Apollo produced video along with a few images of it covered with a sheet. Apollo has managed to keep the IE’s specifics a secret, but based on other upcoming hypercars like the Mercedes-AMG Project One, the IE could have a minimalist cabin featuring fixed racing seats and a bolt-on racing steering wheel.

As we saw a couple of years ago at Geneva with the , expect the IE’s exterior design to allow for an insane amount of downforce. The teaser video does show us brief glimpses of the IE’s hood, interior and front splitter, as well as a massive rear wing.

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We also noticed something quite interesting from the video: a roof-mounted ignition. Just based on the engine and exhaust sounds alone, it’s clear Apollo isn’t just building some fancy schmancy kit car here but a fully-fledged Koenigsegg and Pagani fighter as well. Fortunately we’re only a few days away from the complete reveal.