Apollo Ready To Unleash Brand New Hypercar


But will it be for the road or track?

We’ve been following Apollo’s progress ever since the Hong Kong-based investment fund, Ideal Team Venture, . After it saved the German carmaker from bankruptcy and renamed it Apollo Automobil, the firm arrived at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show with a stunning new supercar concept, . We were expecting to see the production version this year at the Swiss expo and Goodwood FOS, but the car failed to materialize at either events.

This teaser image suggests that the car’s release is imminent and that it will be called the Apollo IE. The rear end shot reveals a car with similar proportions to the Arrow, albeit with a totally new look. The huge curved wing made from carbon fiber sits above a centrally-mounted triple exhaust that’s flanked by a set of svelte taillights. Initially to create the Arrow and a track-only variant called the Titan. At the time, this was said to have a radically redesigned body powered by a naturally aspirated 800-hp V12, while the street-legal Apollo S would come powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 rated at 1,000 hp.

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Both cars were to use chassis technology developed for the SCG003C, but Apollo has informed us that SCG is no longer part of the project. A press release detailing the new arrangement is expected imminently. Whether the IE is the road car or race car remains to be seen. Either way, the world is about to get a new hypercar and that’s never a bad thing.