After The Supra, Toyota Has Two More Sports Cars On The Way

That includes a second-generation 86/BRZ.

Toyota has for years been promising , and the current 86/Subaru BRZ is proof. We also know a , but what about after that? What does Toyota have planned? has learned from Toyota senior managing office Shigeki Tomoyama that discussions are already underway with Subaru for a second-generation RWD coupe. Now, you might be thinking that the previews that new coupe. Nope.

Tomoyama said that concept indicates a different future sports car, one that’ll incorporate hybrid racing technology from Toyota’s World Endurance Championship car. That WEC car reportedly uses a motor-generator unit at each axle, while the energy is stored in cockpit-mounted regenerative lithium-ion battery packs. Along with a 2.4-liter turbo V6, there’s nearly a combined 1,000 hp. Impressive. Now, bear in mind that Tomoyama is also president of Gazoo Racing, so he knows a thing or two about performance cars. Although it may be hard to tell from photos alone, the GR HV Sports concept is actually about 7 inches longer than the 86/BRZ, though its height and width are roughly the same.

Why the extended length? There needs to be space for those lithium-ion batteries and other related hybrid tech. As for the Supra, Tomoyama told MT that although it’s based on the joint BMW-Toyota sports car platform that’ll also underpin the , "the model we (Toyota) are developing will be completely different. We will not disappoint."

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