2019 Bentley Continental GT Convertible Opens Up On Video


Elegance, meet the elements.

Ever since Bentley lifted the veil off last year, we've been waiting for it to drop the top, too. But now we need wait no more as the British automaker has officially revealed , showing the new droptop on video for the first time.

Based as closely as it is on the coupe, the GTC's parameters come as no surprise. But its massive fabric roof opens its four-seat cockpit up to the elements to let the sunshine in from the world's most glamorous locations where Crewe's new cabriolet is bound to be found.

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With the lighter V8 (and more powerful versions of the twelve) yet to be installed in the new Conti, the convertible comes powered exclusively by Bentley's signature 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 is the only option available at present (augmented by a state-of-the-art 48-volt electrical system). But with 626 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque, what an engine it is, capable of propelling the big drop-top to 60 in 3.7 seconds and on to a top speed quoted at 207 miles per hour. That's a tenth of a second less speedy than the coupe, but the same top speed.

That's not half bad for a vehicle weighing . Part of that massive 5,322-pound curb weight comes down to the big engine, roof mechanism, and all the reinforcement required to keep it from falling all apart as the road turns anything less than straight and silky-smooth. But the luxury amenities play their part, too, upholstered as it is in the finest hides, trimmed in the most lustrous veneers, and equipped with all manner of comfort features. And you can bet it'll come at a price even higher than the coupe's $225,000 starting MSRP.