Watch Halle Berry Cause Carnage In A Chrysler In "Kidnap" Trailer

Never has a Chrysler Town & Country seen this much action.

From the bombastic and Pixar’s animated Cars 3, to the epic , we’ve been utterly – and there’s still more to come. We're looking forward to the release of the , but there’s also another car-centric movie coming out next month which will have fallen under most people’s radars. Upcoming chase thriller Kidnap will deliver plenty of automotive action starring Halle Berry as a mother desperately trying to rescue her kidnapped son.

With any car chase movie, the car is the star. Bullitt has a Ford Mustang 390 GT. Vanishing Point a Dodge Challenger RT. Baby Driver has a STI. Kidnap has…a Chrysler Town and Country. The mundane minivan gets quite a workout as Berry chases after the kidnapper in a worn out Mustang.

Berry pushes the family minivan way beyond its limits in the trailer, performing handbrake turns and driving against freeway traffic the wrong way, inconsiderately causing civilian casualties in the process. Directed by Luis Prieto and produced by the same team behind Transformers, Kidnap was originally supposed to be released last December. The distributor then faced bankruptcy, delaying the film’s release until March this year before it was picked up by a different distributor and rescheduled for an August 4 release. Kidnap looks like it should be getting the straight-to-DVD treatment rather than a theatrical release, but the car stunts look potentially promising for a low-budget movie.

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