Megachurch Pastor Gifts Wife Lamborghini Urus For Anniversary

And now he's taking some heat for that $200k decision.

If Porsche Were Music, This Is What It'd Sound Like

Stuttgart-born hip-hop producer takes inspiration from his famous neighbor's racing pedigree

Ford Mustang Upgraded With Lamborghini Guts

Muscle car gets $700,000 supercar upgrade.

2019 Jaguar XF Gets A Slight Price Bump

So how has the base price gone up by over two grand?

Want Something More Unique Than A Raptor? Check Out The Roush F-150

You can even buy one at your local Ford dealership with a V8 engine.

Audi SQ2 Makes Us Want The Little Crossover Even More

Can we get this in America, Audi? Please?

Toyota Unveils The Ultimate Wrapping Paper

Now you can make all your gifts look like a Toyota Supra.

For Sale
Why Does This Dodge Charger Hellcat Cost Only $36,000?

As always, there's a catch.

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